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Letter from our firm

Dear Clients & Contacts of Barwick CPA:

Barwick CPA is concerned about the health and safety of our clients and staff. As you are aware of, there are many COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases in Maryland and the United States. We want you to know and assure you that Barwick CPA has taken precautions and safety measures to protect our clients and staff. Importantly, we have no cases of the virus reported among employees of Barwick CPA. Furthermore, we have instructed all staff if they have come into contact with anyone who have or being tested for the virus not to come into the office We have further requested that all staff that are over age 65 or staff members with pre-existing health conditions to work from home.

Barwick CPA is ready to continue to serve you during the disruption which might occur from this virus, while also remaining responsible in light of public health recommendations from the federal government, Maryland state government, and local jurisdictions. Our office is open. We will be happy to receive you and your documents in person if you choose.

Please put your safety first and we have several other options to interact and communicate with you at Barwick CPA instead of face to face. These options include transmitting data electronically or by mail. In lieu of face to face meetings, we can communicate with you on the phone, texting, or virtual meeting technology (Zoom Conferencing.) Please contact Carl Turner at (410) 692-5283 if you would like to transmit your tax or accounting data electronically and you are not currently enrolled in any of our electronic file sharing systems (portal system.) Furthermore, we have technology in place for you to sign your tax returns electronically.

We are monitoring the federal and state governments concerning various proposed regulations that will be started to help businesses and individuals who have been economically hurt with the COVID-19. We are monitoring the Internal Revenue Service and State governments concerning any extensions of time for filing and paying tax liabilities that they will implement for taxpayers with the April 15th deadline. As soon as we are alerted, we will communicate any passed tax regulations as it relates to COVID-19.

Barwick CPA operates on an advanced technology platform which allows us to serve clients in the office, at a client location, or at home. As a result, we expect any disruption that occurs to be minimal should events require us to close the office for a period of time. While our goal is to maintain the highest level of service during this health crisis, we are remaining flexible with our team members who are balancing family needs in this health crisis.

We encourage you and your family to take all precautions necessary to stay safe during this health crisis. We thank you for putting trust in Barwick CPA. We are always here if you have any questions or concerns.

Very truly yours,

Laura A. Barwick CPA