Mind flex: New ways to play holiday music

While the debate over when to start playing holiday music goes on, there's usually little disagreement about if it should be played. If you're looking for new holiday music this year, check out these free music streaming services to find your new jams:

Google Play has a massive selection of 70 different holi- day stations to choose from- everything from soothing instrumentals and chilled out acoustic selections to electronica and sing-along stations.

iHeartRadio has several fun and festive stations. One of its most popular features is North Pole Radio-a special channel to connect young and old, hosted by Santa himself!

LiveXLive offers a well-rounded selection of Christmas stations without being overwhelming. If you like a bit of a different mix than the more main- stream channels, check it out.

Spotify has curated holiday playlists to suit any seasonal need. From religious to rocking, you'll find something to bring cheer to your commute and fit the vibe for your sit-down dinner or office party.

Deezer offers two Christmas radio stations for free. You're limited to skipping six tracks per hour on their free plan, but you never know-you may find a new favorite.

Places to stream Yule logs online (because you know you want to)

A crackling, open flame completes the holiday ambiance, but when an actual fire is out of the question go online and try one of these beautiful scenes:

Relaxing fireplace sounds by Cat Trumpet on YouTube

The soothing snap, crackle and pop of this well-looped flame is perfect. You'll get 12 hours of a high-definition fire in a pretty brick hearth.

Interruption-free Yule log by PBS

PBS.com offers a one-hour loop of a beautiful wood-burn­ing fire to enjoy in the comfort of wherever you are.

No-loop fireplace by TheSilentWatcher on YouTube

For a slightly more authentic feel, you can access a three-­hour fireplace scene. There's no looped footage: the logs burn and crumble in real time.

These new ways to enjoy seasonal music and a cozy fire are sure to be a hit whether you're entertaining family and friends or relaxing on the couch after a busy day of holiday preparations. Happy Holidays! ■

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